Roblox Coding for kids

Why Should Kids Learn Roblox?

Roblox coding for kids refers to the process of kids writing code and developing interactive games with multiple characters, objects and graphics using the Roblox Studio Editor. Roblox is essentially a platform in which multiple resources are provided and using those resources kids will develop their own multi-player three dimensional games. Kids will learn the Roblox editor and the Lua programming language and develop professional looking games, loading environments, game design, working with camera and computer vision. Kids will develop many different games such as infinite racers, fighting games, treasure hunt, adventure maps, and other games that involve computer knowledge such as rendering.

Most people get confused that Roblox is a platform to only play games – Roblox is a simultaneous platform for both playing and creating/developing/publishing games. By learning to code with Roblox, kids learn a lot of parallel programming and logical skills that are really crucial for their future. Firstly, while learning Lua programming language, children will work with complex building blocks of programming and will improve on their knowledge of programming constructs such as loops, variables, functions, arrays, and working with data. Secondly, students will learn to develop role-playing games and characters and it helps them from translating their imagination into physical reality in computer games. The Roblox Studio is a bit complex and will help kids to use multiple challenging skills such as thinking intuitively about a problem, imagining a character, solving a problem from scratch and working out physics in real computer gaming situations such as programming collision behaviour and gravity mechanics.

Can my kid start to learn programming with Roblox?

We don’t advise so. Roblox is a powerful platform which can be used to develop really good games. Therefore, with that power comes a bit of complexity involving multiple subjects. So, we advise children who had some exposure to programming to take up this course. Children with no programming experience before may not get the full benefit of the platform as they’ll spend a lot of time on the complete basics of programming. At UnicMinds, we slowly graduate students from simple programming languages to slightly complex languages.

Is Roblox safe for kids?

Roblox is largely safe for all kids. There are some games that could be a bit above certain age-groups and could be very graphical for some younger children. Roblox provides safety settings feature for parents to set up the environment for their kids. UnicMinds ensures that your kids are using the gaming platform within a controlled environment. But, don’t let this create a doubt and not allow you to take advantage of a great game development platform for your kids. It is a must-learn platform for all kids, just for the pace and cross-knowledge that it really inculcates learning to kids in programming, mathematics, logic, graphics, physics and other subjects.

For parents who want to have a discussion with us before taking this course, please book a free trial class for one hour in which we can discuss in detail. 

Roblox Coding Classes

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