Python Programming for Kids


Children will be introduced to Python, a popular programming language. They will learn the fundamentals of Python language and create projects based on the concepts learnt. They’ll work with simple and complex data in this programming environment and will be comfortable coding in Python for various basic applications.

Course Structure

  • Introduction to Python & computer programming
  • Data-types, Variables, Basic I/O, & Operators
  • Boolean Values, Conditional Execution, Loops, Lists, Logical & Bit-wise operations
  • Functions, Modules, Packages, & Data-processing
  • Classes, Methods, Objects & File-handling
  • Working with Databases from Python
  • Introduction to PyGame & Alien Invasion Game
  • Creating single and multi-player games
  • Coding Python Hunt Game, Adventure Quest, MonsterRescue & SaveMyEggs
  • Introduction to NASA Python APIs
  • Introduction to AI concepts using Python
  • Basics of client-server network and programming using Python
  • Solving Fun challenges through code in Python
python classes for kids
visual studio for kids
Languages Covered:
Python Coding Classes
Duration: 50 Classes, 2-3 classes/week
Price per 1:1 class:
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Java Programming


Children will be introduced to the principles of object oriented programming programming. Java is one of the most powerful general purpose languages that a child can start applying for various problem-solving in real-world. We cover this language in a friendly and effective format for kids.

What will the child learn?

  • Introduction to Main method and its significance
  • Introduction to variables and datatypes
  • Primitive data types and Typecasting
  • Operators, Operands and Expressions
  • If then statement , AND and OR operator
  • Arrays in Java
  • Working with Strings
  • Methods in Java
  • Classes, Constructors and Inheritance
  • Introduction to Java Packages
  • Composition, Encapsulation and Polymorphism
  • Arrays and Java inbuilt lists
  • Basics of Data-structures (linear & non-linear)
  • Inner and Abstract classes in Java
  • Java Collections
  • Working with Databases from Java
  • Java networking programming
Java Programming for Kids
visual studio for kids
Languages Covered:
java for kids
Duration: 45 Classes, 2-3 classes/week
Price per 1:1 class:
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Arduino Robotics for Kids


This course is the best for children who want to get started with Arduino, Electronics, and Basic Robotics for the first time and will involve computer programming, electric components, building circuits, creativity and problem-solving. Children will learn the basics of electricity and electronics, build small circuits, and will understand the foundation of integrated circuits, chips, and PCBs. Children will build small robots using sensors, radio communications, and Arduino code both physically and on a simulator.

What will the child learn?

  • Introduction to basics of current flow, voltage, conductors, & short-circuit safety
  • Theory of Diode, Resistor, LED and introduction to breadboard
  • Basics of Circuit Theory for Kids
  • “Safety Precautions” while working with electronics
  • Arduino IDE setup and Arduino Code Structure – setup and loop functions
  • Knowing Your Arduino Uno – Power connections and Arduino PINs
  • Project 1: Arduino PINs, and blinking LED project
  • Project 2: Blinking two LEDs
  • Introduction to Transistors as switches
  • Project 3: Using transistors as switches in circuit and blinking/toggling LEDs
  • Microcontrollers vs Microprocessors
  • Introduction to DC motor, Controlling motor with Arduino
  • Project 4: Working with DC Motor, turning a car wheel
  • Working with IR sensors; Building your own basic robot
  • Project 5: Working with Ultrasound distance measuring module
  • Recap of all Circuit and Component Basics
  • Project 6: Basics of Radio Wave Communications and working with DTMF En-Decoder
  • Project 7: Working with Humidity Sensor and Temperature Sensor and displaying the temperature and humidity of your room on an LCD panel.
  • Basic Concepts of Hydraulic vs. Spring vs. Electrical vs. Pneumatic Systems
  • Final Project: Building Your Own Line Follower Robot & Obstacle Avoiding Robot

The projects mentioned above will need the student to buy the following basic components: Arduino Uno, Electronics Kit containing LEDs, resistors, transistors, wires, breadboard, Ultrasonic Distance Sensing module, humidity and temperature sensor module, and an LCD module. On average, this will totally cost about 1000-1500 INR to buy all modules online.

Arduino for kids
Arduino for kids
Languages Covered:
Duration: 30 Classes, 2 classes/week
Price per 1:1 class:
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3D Game Development for Kids


Children will learn to make 2D and 3D games in the gaming platform, Unity. During the course, the child will learn all the coding fundamentals of the programming language C#. 2D and 3D game development concepts are used in C# language. They will start with simple games applying the simple concepts in C# and progress to complex multiplayer games. At the end of the course, the child will be able to create his or her own games in Unity comfortably.

Course Structure

  • Introduction to C# concepts and basic syntax
  • Understanding C# scripting in Unity Platform
  • Event Function in Unity
  • Games based on variables and events in Unity
  • Variables, Functions and Classes Basics
  • Functions with parameters and return in Unity
  • Conditionals in C# in Unity
  • Make Games based on conditionals and variables in Unity
  • Loops in Unity such a While Loop, For Each Loop and For loop
  • Applying loops in game development
  • Arrays in C#
  • Working with Game Object in Unity
  • Keyboard and mouse input in Unity
  • Applying physics concepts in game development
  • Checking Collision in Unity
  • Game Development Project
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Unity Coding Classes
Languages Covered:
C# Unity for Kids
Duration: 50 Classes, 2-3 classes/week
Price per 1:1 class:
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App Development for Kids


Children will develop the basic version of real-life apps, apps which are used frequently in everyday lives such as a typical basic e-commerce app, weather app, and food-delivery app. They will apply the various computer programming concepts learnt during the course in developing these apps. They’ll also learn advanced concepts in JavaScript Programming language which are frequently used in intermediate level app development.

Course Structure

  • Basics of traversing Arrays/Lists
  • Make Apps based on the application of Arrays
  • Using files and databases
  • Make Apps applying databases
  • Introduction to Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Make real time apps using various APIs
  • Google Maps and its usage in Apps
  • UI/UX in App Designing
  • Gaming Canvas
  • Making Gaming Apps
  • Sensors design components in Apps
  • Make your own App and Publish in Google Play store using all above learnings
App Development for Kids
thunkable coding for kids
Languages Covered:
JavaScript for Kids
Duration: 50 Classes, 2-3 classes/week
Price per 1:1 class:
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Object Oriented Basics in JAVA, C++ and C#


Children will be introduced to object-oriented programming languages such as JAVA, C++ and C#. They will be taught the basic concepts – what is a class and what is an object in these languages. They will create various projects based on the concepts learnt during the course. Children can take up this course once they have done the basic course in JavaScript.

Course Structure

  • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Language (OOPs)
  • Procedure Oriented Structures vs. Object Oriented Structures
  • Simple C++ Statements, Structures and General Syntax
  • Data types, Operators and Controls
  • Variables, Functions, Classes & Objects Basics
  • Inheritance Basics & Applications
  • Basics of Abstraction and Encapsulation
  • Input/Output and Working with Files
  • Building Games using OOPs concepts
  • Polymorphism Applications
  • Programming non-linear data structures
  • Project in C# or Java or C++
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visual studio for kids
Languages Covered:
java for kids
C++ for kids
C# Unity for Kids
Duration: 50 Classes, 2-3 classes/week
Price per 1:1 class:
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Computer Mathematics & Algorithms (FICA)


Mathematics forms the basis for reasoning about various problems in computing. The objective of this course is to help students gain a strong foundation in thinking mathematically for solving problems in computer-science. This course actually serves as an introductory preparation for the Coding Olympiad (IOI) and to develop the maths skills to design medium to difficult algorithms and to get a basic essence of what mathematical knowledge to apply when to solve what kind of problems.

*This course also provides additional question banks for IOI preparation.

Course Structure

  • Axioms & Theorems
  • Discrete vs. Continuous Mathematics
  • Number Theory
  • Logical Reasoning & Analysis
  • Mathematical Induction
  • Writing basic algorithms/pseudo-code
  • Set Theory
  • Linear Algebra
  • First-order logic
  • Series & Progressions
  • Factorials
  • Exponents & Logarithms
  • Conditionals & Recursion
  • Data-types & Number System
  • Problems on Arrays and Strings
  • Sorting, Searching and Selection Algorithms
  • Intro to Stacks, Queues and Trees
  • Algorithm Types
  • Applying Divide & Conquer techniques
  • Space and Time Complexity
Computer Mathematics & Algorithms (FICA)
Languages Covered:
Python Coding Classes
C++ for kids
Duration: 75 Classes, 2-3 classes/week
Price per 1:1 class:
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Student Works

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app development for kids
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