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We are not yet another coding classes provider for kids. We believe that the basic foundation of computer-science/coding provided to children should be so effective that the child should be able to create whatever he or she wants independently, without the assistance of a teacher in the future. Our courses are the most comprehensive that you can find on the internet, providing the basic foundation of computer-science from flip-flops and registers to algorithmic thinking. We strive to make coding a tool for the child to understand and appreciate every technology around and to build a creative mindset. As computer-science engineers ourselves, we’re extremely passionate to impart practical knowledge to kids to enable them to be the future problem-solvers, thinkers and creators. We love to go the extra-mile to make kids understand comprehensively. Take a free trial class and check us out.

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Live Teacher Student Interaction

  • 1:1 & Group classes
  • Class duration of 60 mins
  • Flexibility for preferred time slots
  • Regular feedback sessions
  • Focus on basics of coding/computer-science
  • Preparation support for Kids Coding Competitions
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Latest Curriculum & Certificates

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Experienced Teachers

  • All teachers have Tech background
  • Trained to understand individual learning type and adapt accordingly
  • Enable the child to master the building-blocks of computers and coding
  • M.Tech, B.Tech, and MCA Computer Science
  • Class Quizzes to excite children and recap learnings, & free coding tests for kids
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Frequently Asked Questions on Coding Classes for Kids & Tweens

Today, coding courses are as essential as mathematics, science, and sports. Fundamentally, coding enhances the ability to convert imagination into reality. It enhances critical thinking, problem-solving, imagination, ability to apply mathematics and logic, ability to focus for long periods, and detail-orientation in a practical way. These are all extremely productive skills for the overall development of kids preparing for the future. Also, we believe coding can be recreational just like sports for some kids and we need to give that opportunity to all kids.
At UnicMinds, we use the Mastery methodology. The instructors teach a concept and write the code once to exemplify the concept. The student will write different code to apply the concept learnt in different settings all by themselves from scratch in the class with multiple examples. The instructor will aid in the thinking process and in structuring the problem, if required. But the kids must write the code and show that they’ve mastered the understanding of the concept. This is an iterative process until the kid masters the concept. In most other coding courses offered by others, the instructors write the code and give a very similar copy/pastable homework with different numbers. This doesn’t necessarily mean the student is practically learning. Coding is all about practical applicability, which we highly focus at UnicMinds.
UnicMinds is based out of Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India.
Programming Basics, Algorithmic thinking, Conditionals, Loops, Operators, Logical way to solve a problem, Arrays, Strings, Functions, Classes, APIs, Databases, File handling and App and Web Development. Most importantly, kids will learn to be confident in their true ability to convert their imagination into fruitful products and services.
We offer only live courses. We offer in both 1:1 and for a group of students too.

Yes, we have a free trial of all our classes. You can get in touch at 9663791630 (India) or click the “Free Trial” button above and register for a free trial of any of course offered.

We schedule free doubt-clearing sessions separately. If the doubt is about the currently taught concept, then the teachers extend the current class by a few minutes to clear the doubt to the child. Doubt-clearing is something that we give a lot of focus on at UnicMinds such that the child masters the concept in applying in various contexts and problems.

We do 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 classes. 2:1 & 3:1 are also something that we recommend because kids learn well when another kid is present along and it also provides a small sense of competition and co-learning among themselves. For 2:1 and 3:1, it will be taken on case to case basis; kindly contact us at: 9663791630 (India).

At UnicMinds, we start with various levels of courses: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced courses for various age-groups and for kids at various learning levels. We offer the entire range of courses starting from block-based coding to an intermediate to advanced courses. Kids will learn Scratch, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Game Development, Website Development, App Development, Python, Unity, MINECRAFT, Lua, C++, C# and Java.
For example, our students have applied the concepts learnt and projects done in various national and school competitions and won prizes in these competitions. Our students were able to do this by the kind of projects we do with children during courses. These projects will include developing games, developing apps for specific use-cases, and developing websites. You can browse through the various projects done in here.
We arrange monthly feedback sessions with parents. We discuss in detail the progress of the kid on: understanding the concept, applying the concept, independently writing the code, exploring new ideas and trying to build his or her own apps.
As coding is largely a practical learning with projects and interest-based applications, we witnessed that kids of all age-group successfully grasp coding and enjoy developing various projects and applying the concepts learnt in a practical way.

Our instructors adapt accordingly to the kid and use examples and problems that the specific kid can relate to in his or her surroundings, school, and developmental environments. We saw that coding can be taught to kids ranging from 6 years old onwards successfully across the world. For younger kids, we typically start with block-based coding where the focus is more in developing logical and algorithmic thinking rather than syntax.
Learning computer science at school is amazing! Almost all curriculums across the world have made coding and computer science mandatory. Computer Science learning goals at school is wonderful and is really a progressive move by schools across the world.

We at UnicMinds specialize in 1:1 focus for your child to master the concepts of computer science and specifically programming. We augment with school taught curriculums extremely well and help the child gain that extra edge in practical applicability of what they’re learning. Often schools don’t have time to focus on practical applicability of computer science and programming.

Yes, they should. Coding is not a specific skill for a specific career path anymore. It teaches the way of life just like sports. It imparts the ability to convert imagination to reality. Coding develops critical thinking, focusing for long periods, logical ability, creativity, and problem-solving in children that are important for any career and more importantly for a productive development of kids. Crucially, it also adds the creator’s point of view of any technology rather being only consumers of technology. Just like sport, it is also recreation for some individuals. Coding helps in the overall development of kids getting ready for the future. Learn more about – Should Kids Learn Coding?

One of the most enriching experiences of being a human is to create something new. It can be anything new, from planting a small plant to sketching something. Coding is one such important opportunity for children today, an opportunity to create, explore, and solve problems. Getting kids into coding as early as possible will help them in their growing years; coding involves both left brain and right brain activity, which reaps a lot of benefits in the long run. Learn more about teaching coding to kids.