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Helping Kids Learn Coding Online

Every child should learn to code if we want to prepare them for success. Coding develops their logical and math skills and helps acquire valuable aptitude and problem-solving skills that will help them across the breadth of their life. Learning to code is crucial for several reasons, and all schools should have coding as a mandatory subject. 

Helping kids learn coding online is what we do day in day out at UnicMinds. Hundreds of kids and teenagers of various age-groups enjoy learning and coding various projects in our regular classes across the courses. Kids show surprise, doubt, pride, and excitement while they stumble and learn the basic building blocks of programming.

UnicMinds coding courses

At UnicMinds, we see excellent progress in children moving from the basic block-based programming to basic text-based programming and then to integrated courses such as Ethical Hacking and Arduino. More important than anything is the pure satisfaction of teaching and enabling a child to be able to learn something bigger in the future. 

UnicMinds is one of the futuristic online classes helping children learn effectively both with direct instruction based 1:1 tutoring and with AI assisted tutoring for kids. Providing a comprehensive range of courses for children and teenagers in not only coding but also in other areas such as Maths, Science, Aptitude Exams, and Finance Education for kids. The courses within coding are categorized into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced courses.

Coding Courses for kids - UnicMinds

The primary focus in any of these courses is to impart the child the most important basics for foundation in problem-solving using programming and algorithmic-thinking. Some of our students have moved from learning basic Python and C++ to doing advanced stuff such as writing code in multi-threads and building their own data structures. Children across age-groups have confidently completed courses in Ethical Hacking and Computer Mathematics.

But, more than anything we believe to slow-down things. We believe to do things at the pace of each individual child, challenging them and at the same time not overwhelming them with too many things so that they can internalize and integrate their learning for the long-term. It is important to learn what you learn properly and that takes you a long way to becoming an independent learner.

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