Peter Pig Game in Python

Peter Pig Game in Python

In this game, there will be two players – Player 1 and Player 2. If the total number of turns is 10, then Player 1 will roll the dice until either the number of turns completes 10 or until Player 1 rolls number 1 on the dice. Player 2 will then resume rolling the dice until 10 turns are completed or until number 1 appears on any turn. The sum of the scores of each roll will be added up and checked. The player with the highest score wins.

In our program, one of the players will be the computer, and the other player will be the user.

Step 1: We declare the variables to keep the scores and turns for each player

Peter Pig game in Python

Step 2: define functions to generate random numbers

Pig game code in Python

Step 3: we will write the logic to repeat the dice roll and keep scores

First the user will roll the dice and we check if it is 1 or not

Peter Pig game code

Step 4: Check who is the winner by checking the total scores

Peter Pig game

Most dice games would need functions and random number generators to simulate multiple rolls and numbers. Learn the basic programming concepts and use these concepts to develop simple programs and games such as these in our Python basic coding course. Later, as part of our learning growth path, you can move to an Advanced Python coding course where you develop more advanced applications.

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