Completely Free Coding Tests for Kids

Children can benefit hugely from learning how to code and we saw plenty of examples of that in our previous blogs. In line with that, UnicMinds has launched free coding tests and resources for kids to make it easy for them to assess themselves continuously across the subject knowledge and applications.

Are you looking for completely free coding resources for kids? 

UnicMinds offers you completely free coding tests for kids. If kids score well (more than 70 percent) in these tests, then they get an instant certificate from UnicMinds in the respective test. Periodically, scholarships are provided by UnicMinds to the best performers in these scholarship tests for kids to avail major discounts on their best courses for kids.

What courses can children give tests in?

Children can test their skills and self-assess their improvement in knowledge and application in a range of coding courses such as Block-based Programming, Scratch, Python, JavaScript, Java, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking and others.

Is it absolutely free or is there a catch?

There is no catch here. The resources and scholarship and certificate tests are absolutely free for children of all ages. Parents and children can dive right in and make complete use of these resources.

Are these free tests only in programming?

For now, the tests are only in programming, but very soon we will also add other tests such as CogAT and other areas of competitive assessment. All these will be free resources for kids in coding and CogAT.

What are the benefits for children to take these programming tests?

Firstly, children will benefit from self-assessment of their knowledge and understanding their own progress in the respective knowledge area. Secondly, they get instant certificates and monthly scholarships (seasonal) when their scores are beyond 70 percent and 90 percent respectively. 

Are these tests for students timed?

Yes, all these tests are timed.

Can a child give an unlimited number of these tests?

No. Since these tests are largely offered to assess improvement, we don’t allow a retake of a test within 30 days from the last attempt.

Hope this is useful for parents and children to take plenty of advantage for excellent learning.

Thank you.

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