UnicMinds World Game Coding Competition
UnicMinds World Game Coding Competition for Kids

World Game Coding Competition

UnicMinds invites free submissions from kids worldwide for this World Game Coding Competition. The competition is open between 20th Feb to 22nd May 2024. Register your interest below, read the below qualification rules, and get your submission ready accordingly. You can submit the final submission in this same page at the end as soon as the child is ready with the submission requirements.


    Qualification Rules

    Below are the qualification rules that the submissions have to meet to qualify for this contest.

    • Develop a single or multiplayer game with the theme “Nature” with at least two levels in the game.
    • The theme for the game should be “Nature”, which means your game should’ve an element of nature in it. For example, your game can have elements of trees, global warming, saving natural resources, animal kingdom, save the hippo, etc.
    • Anyone who is up to 15 years of age is eligible to participate in this contest.
    • You can make your game by using either block-based programming or in Python or JavaScript. Your block-based programming can be done on the said platforms – Code.org, MIT Inventor, Thunkable, and Scratch. If you write your code in any of the above block-based coding platforms, then share the project link. If you write your code in Python or Javascript, then please upload the code in GitHub and share the GitHub link. 
    • Create a short video describing your game, the characters in the game, game levels, and how it has to be played. Upload the video and submit your submission.
    • We’re excited to see your submissions. All the best!

    Win Exciting Cash Prizes, Coupons, and Certificates!

    UnicMinds Coding Competition Winner
    • An elite panel comprising of teachers, coders, and industry experts will select 20 entries.
    • These 20 entries will be called for a brief interview on code walk-through and general coding knowledge.
    • First Prize Winner will get a cash prize of USD 250 and Certificate
    • Second Prize Winner will get a cash prize of USD 150 and Certificate
    • Third Prize Winner will get a cash prize of USD 75 and Certificate
    • Remaining of Top 10 will get UnicMinds Top 10 certificate and consolation prizes

    Key Dates

    • You can enter your submission until 22nd May 2024.
    • Shortlisted entries will get a call and invite for an interview before 30th May 2024.
    • Winners and Top 10 Finalists will be announced by 8th June 2024

    Submission Checklist

    • Ensure you have the right URL link for your code.
    • Ensure you have the right YouTube video URL for your explanation.
    • For any queries, you can write to [email protected]

    Submit your FINAL entry here

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