block coding courses for kids

Block Coding Courses for Kids

It is well proven now that block-based coding courses for kids is an effective and popular method for introducing programming concepts. With its user-friendly interface and visual components, block-based coding offers several advantages that make it an important tool for children’s educational development. Scratch, Thunkable, and Blockly are definitely the best block coding resources available for students.

Why block-based coding for kids?

Block-based coding simplifies the programming process by breaking down complex code into manageable chunks. Instead of typing lines of text, kids can drag and drop colorful blocks that represent different commands and functions. This visual representation enables them to understand programming logic more easily, fostering a gradual understanding of how code and sequential logic works. They can experiment with different combinations, identify errors, and learn from their mistakes in a safe and supportive environment. This iterative process encourages children to think logically, analyze challenges, and develop creative solutions.

What are the block-based coding courses offered for kids at UnicMinds?

We offer a range of block-based programming courses for kids as part of our basic range. Below is a list of courses we offer in block-based programming format for children.

An example of a two player maze-runner game made in Scratch by our student. Students will write different types of programs in these courses that develops their problem-solving ability and basic programming thinking.

What are the next steps of learning for kids after block-based programming?

UnicMinds offers a wide range of coding courses to cater across the learning curve for kids of all growing age-groups. Once children get a basic understanding of programming and the constructs of different types of programming from block-based training, they can move onto basic text based programming. Kids will start writing text based programs, use command lines, work on back-end programming languages, build the basics of problem-solving and develop algorithmic thinking. Some of the courses we offer in this range include the below:

We are proud to say that many of our students have moved further ahead on the learning curve and even learnt courses such as Ethical Hacking and Advanced Roblox Programming. These are part of our Advanced range of courses that enables children to continue to integrate their learning from Intermediate level programming and at the same time learn fairly advanced and cutting-edge concepts of computer-science in a simple manner explained by our teachers.

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