free CogAT tests

Free CogAT Practice Tests for Kids

What is the CogAT Test?

The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) measures the level and pattern of cognitive development of a student compared to age mates and grade mates. The CogAT is a nationally standardized test schools and educators use to identify gifted and talented students. In our regular world, we normally test children on acquired knowledge. CogAT is different here – CogAT tests kids on raw smartness levels and on their potential to acquire knowledge. The right way to test students is more to test their “ability” than “knowledge”, and that is what CogAT tries to do. So, CogAT at its core is an ability test. 

CogAT test batteries

Different Test Batteries of CogAT

The criteria for  a “gifted student” selection vary by states and even individual schools in the US, but most gifted and talented programs require testing in some form as a means of getting in. The CogAT test essentially has three sections: Verbal, Maths and Non-Verbal sections. The test is a multiple-choice based exam to assess students’ reasoning skills through verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative questions. The verbal section assesses a student’s ability to understand and manipulate language, while the quantitative section evaluates their mathematical reasoning skills. The nonverbal section, on the other hand, focuses on visual-spatial reasoning and pattern recognition.Published by Riverside Insights, the CogAT was originally developed in the 1950s and has since gone through many updates. 

Access to free CogAT practice tests

free CogAT practice tests

As shown above, UnicMinds offers free CogAT tests for children to practice for the exam at different levels. Additionally, Children can download free CogAT preparation strategy guides for different levels and can practice free CogAT tests in various batteries in small form tests. These small-form tests are an excellent way to build their confidence and their test-taking muscle over the period of time. The questions will be a bit tough, and it is good to practice against these tougher questions for the real CogAT exam.

What are the benefits of Gifted Education?

There are many benefits for the gifted education programs in schools. Multiple schools in Canada and the US offer gifted program education. Gifted programs are meant to address student’s true abilities and potential and for schools to effectively work on that potential. This reinvigorates students to engage actively and relieve themselves from boredom and make school a source of wonder and pleasure again. Studies found that students in gifted programs are more engaged in school and are less likely to develop social and behavioral problems, and are more likely to enhance and realize their potential in a challenging manner.

Summary of CogAT offers at UnicMinds

The CogAT exam provides valuable insight into student evaluation, education programs, and academic research on student performance. 

At UnicMinds, we help children prepare for tests such as CogAT. We provide personalized 1:1 classes for children planning to give the CogAT anytime of the year. You can book a free CogAT trial class or download our free CogAT preparation guides to learn more about our extensive question banks, practice, and unique strategy guides that help children to ace the tests.

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