Space Program For Kids

Space Program Course for kids: Exploring Space with Programming (15 days)

We’re introducing a fun course to initiate kids to coding/programming and at the same time to let the children have an exciting and fun learning experience about space physics that they’ll remember forever. This is a very short Space Program course for kids (15 days) and it is specifically designed for younger children who want to have a short and fun learning experience with coding. Children will learn about the basic mechanics of programming and they’ll learn the basics of satellites and other space objects (detailed curriculum shown below).

Space Programming for Kids

Space Program Course for Kids – Curriculum Overview

  1. Fun Introduction To Electro-magnetic Spectrum
  2. Universe Evolution, Constellations, Stars, Planets and Satellites
  3. Introduction to Computer Programming
  4. Variables, Loops, Conditionals & Functions
  5. Exploring deep sky objects with a computer program
  6. Gravity Simulator Program 
  7. Basics of X-ray Astronomy
  8. How Astronomers use computer programs & binary code to understand space?
  9. Exploring NASA Space Place & Space Program
  10. Basics of Rotational Inertia
  11. Exploring the International Space Station
  12. Fun Coding Project: Galaxy Navigation
  13. Fun Coding Project: Protecting planet X1 from Invaders

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