Comprehensive Range Of Coding Courses For Kids

Computer Science is a beautiful subject that has many areas of knowledge that a child will start to learn, and it has mathematics well intertwined in it. Introducing various coding courses for kids is absolutely fine and in fact essential, but putting too much pressure on them is not. We typically have students start with block-based coding so that they can easily understand the fundamentals of programming and then move on to JavaScript (which is what more than 80% of websites on the internet use) and Python, but the eventual goal is to make the child grow into gaining a strong foundation in problem-solving and algorithms using computer languages.

Most parents would have a confusion on how to start their kids on coding and whether to start with Scratch or Python or JavaScript. Don’t worry we got you covered, and we have a detailed approach based on the child on whether to start with Scratch or Python or JavaScript

Coding Courses for Kids

For a fun introduction to coding, we offer the courses: 

And, then the courses on:

The above courses would help the child establish the first principles of programming and how to use the basic building blocks of programming languages in different use-cases and environments.

We then graduate to Intermediate level courses shown below, where the kids will start writing text based programs, use command line, work on back-end programming languages, build the basics of problem-solving and develop algorithmic thinking.

Finally, we have a series of courses that fully prepares them to integrate mathematics, algorithms, problem-solving and other areas of knowledge of computer-science such as computer networks, data structures & algorithms, ethical hacking, operating systems, computer graphics, and AI & Machine Learning.

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In conclusion, at UnicMinds, we offer a range of courses starting from the easiest and most exciting way to start learning coding to then graduating to web, app and game development. Children will work on a lot of user-interface and web-based programs that they can relate to and enjoy while learning the basics of coding crucial for their future. They will learn variables, arrays, loops, conditionals, boolean operators, passing values in functions, and returning values in functions. This provides them with a base understanding of programming before we graduate further into handling different types of data, manipulating elements in an array, working with strings, introducing basic algorithms on selecting, searching and sorting. Then, children will move to understanding the backend languages like Python, C++ and Java and the concepts of Class, Object, Inheritance, Polymorphism and other object oriented concepts and apply theory of graphs, trees, geometry and algebra. In game programming, children will use C# and Lua on various platforms like Minecraft, Unity and Roblox to build games and to learn the fundamentals of character building, feature building, animations, sprites and movements in space time and geometrical understanding. Finally, the end goal is always to enable children to a stage where they are able to integrate learning from across subjects and apply in programming to solve real-world problems and develop algorithms with mathematical thinking.

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