rock, paper, scissors game in Python

Coding a simple Rock, Paper, Scissors Game in Python

Rock, paper scissors is played between two people, both of them choosing one out of the three options. Then, according to certain rules, one of the two is declared the winner. We will discuss these rules further and moreover, we will implement Rock, Paper, and Scissors in the python programming language.

The randint() function – The randint function is used to generate a random value. The lower and upper limits are passed to this function and the returned value is always between this range. Here, we will pass 1 and 2 because the game has three values. But, to use this function we have to import it from the random module and that is where we will start the program as Step 1 below. And, we will use the function in Step 3 below.

Step 1: Write the code to import random module

importing random module in Python

Step 2: Take the input from the user – rock or paper or scissors

rock, paper, scissors game code in Python

Step 3: Print the input whatever the user has entered and then start the computer’s turn.

Step 4: Create a random number between 1 and 3 for the computer representing rock, paper, and scissors respectively.

coding games in Python

Step 5: Compare the user choice and the computer’s choice and declare the winner.

game development in Python

Homework Variation

As a variation of the above game, try to do a game which runs in a loop so that the users can play multiple times and enter “Finish” to close the game.

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