Young Coders Program

Young Coders program provides kids with basic logic-building, creative outlet, and foundation mathematics. It might come as a surprise that children are coding as early as 5 years of age. The major goal when we teach very young kids is to impart them with the logical abilities, foundational thinking to build stuff, coding principles using …

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online coding courses for kids

Should you choose 1:1 online tutoring for your kids?

Tutoring has always been a prevalent support system for children in countries like India. In the last few years, online tutoring has gained a lot of popularity and effectiveness across the world. Tutoring specifically caters to an individual child’s needs and perspectives and has been proven very effective. Bloom’s two sigma shows that, on average, …

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Roblox Coding for kids

Why Should Kids Learn Roblox?

Roblox coding for kids refers to the process of kids writing code and developing interactive games with multiple characters, objects and graphics using the Roblox Studio Editor. Roblox is essentially a platform in which multiple resources are provided and using those resources kids will develop their own multi-player three dimensional games. Kids will learn the …

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