Motion Blocks in Scratch programming

Motion Blocks in Scratch Programming

Motion blocks are those blocks of code that we use to move or turn the sprites. Motion blocks can be found in the block palette of the Scratch editor, as shown below. We use motion blocks to create motion effects, animations, and other interactions in our games.

Moves the sprite by 10 steps forward in the direction the sprite is facing forward.

Turns the sprite by 15 degrees towards clockwise

Turns the sprite by 15 degrees towards anti-clockwise

Takes the sprite to a random position on the screen

Sprite will move to the x and y coordinates that you’ve written. Please note 0,0 is the center of the screen like a coordinate axes.

Sprite will move at a steady pace to a random position

Sprite will move at a steady pace to a position with x and y coordinates

Points forward at 90; 90 is the default value. Whatever is the default is considered as 90 and then it moves accordingly from thereon.

Moves along the direction of the mouse, the way you move the mouse

Change the x coordinate by 10 pixels

Change the x coordinate to 0 and y remains the same as previous value

If the character touches any edge of the screen, then it bounces back.

You have three options to choose

  • left-right
  • don’t rotate
  • all around

The sprite will accordingly rotate basis the option chosen

Shows the y position as in the below picture

Shows the direction as in the below picture

Hope this is useful, thank you.

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