block coding courses for kids

Block Coding Courses for Kids

It is well proven now that block-based coding courses for kids is an effective and popular method for introducing programming concepts. With its user-friendly interface and visual components, block-based coding offers several advantages that make it an important tool for children’s educational development. Scratch, Thunkable, and Blockly are definitely the best block coding resources available …

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Summer Course for Kids

4 Week 2023 Summer Course in Ethical Hacking Awareness for Juniors

Ethical Hacking for Juniors Tweens and Teenagers often wonder how computers in a network are all related and how the data travels from my mail to my friend’s mailbox over the internet. If you’re one of them, then you might’ve heard about TCP/IP and wondered what are all these names and where can I learn …

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Young Coders Program

Young Coders program provides kids with basic logic-building, creative outlet, and foundation mathematics. It might come as a surprise that children are coding as early as 5 years of age. The major goal when we teach very young kids is to impart them with the logical abilities, foundational thinking to build stuff, coding principles using …

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