CogAT Tutoring and Practice

Online Tutoring and Practice for the CogAT

The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) is a nationalized standard test that educators and schools use to identify gifted and talented students. An important thing to note is that the CogAT is not a knowledge test, but an abilities test. Published by Riverside Insights, the CogAT was initially developed in the 1950s and has since then gone through many updates. The CogAT has three sections – verbal, math, and non-verbal sections.

Verbal Battery:

  1. Verbal Analogies
  2. Sentence Completion
  3. Verbal Classification

Quant Battery:

  1. Number Analogies
  2. Number Puzzles
  3. Number Series

Non-Verbal Battery:

  1. Figure Matrices
  2. Paper Folding
  3. Figure Classification

Online Tutoring for CogAT

At UnicMinds, we provide online tutoring services to students preparing to appear for the CogAT exam. Students can quickly brush up on their skills and practice more than a thousand questions to brush up before the exam and be familiar with the overall exam situation. Refer to our free CogAT resources and learn from our guides, question banks, and tutors.

Practice CogAT Verbal Questions

Question 1:

Ariel looked pretty in a floral dress with flowers _______ her shoulders.

A. adorning B. possessing C. living D. coursing E. pursuing

Question 2:

deer —>  fawn  :   cow —>  ?

A. cow B. calf C. cub D. beef E. milk

Question 3:

slumber,   doze,   rest,   ?

A. scare     B. nap    C. daze    D. gaze   E. coax

Practice CogAT Math Questions

Question 1:

?   +  96   +  62   =   670

A. 521     B. 522    C. 511     D. 512       E. 502

Question 2:

12,    26,   40,   54,   68,    ?

A. 84    B. 94    C. 70    D. 74     E. 82

Question 3:

➤   +  ?   + 46  =  129   –  7

➤  = 12

A. 46    B. 62     C. 64    D. 44    E. 74

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