Best Math Books for Class 10 CBSE

Best Class 10 CBSE Math Books

Class 10 is definitely one of the most important years of education for any student. A good performance in Class 10 sets the base foundation for a strong future academically. Students don’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to preparing for the tenth board exams. And, that’s why, with many options available, you may need some clarification and confirmation.

Few factors to consider when choosing the right guide for Class 10 CBSE:

  • Curriculum Adherence: Ensure the books adhere to your school’s curriculum. NCERT books are always a safe choice for this reason.
  • Clarity of Explanations and Worked Examples: Books with clear explanations and worked examples are definitely preferable over the ones with very few examples.
  • Previous Year Papers: Class 10 books that include previous year question papers are preferable and will help in exam preparation in terms of practice and which question types are more important.
  • Author and Publisher: Reputed author and publisher are preferred.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: Thoroughly check the reviews from past students and other readers to understand the usefulness and effectiveness of a textbook.

Basis the above factors, the best books for Class 10 CBSE Mathematics are:

  • NCERT Publication – “Mathematics – Textbook for class X”
  • NCERT Publication – Mathematics exemplar problems for class X
  • Mathematics for Class 10- RD Sharma
  • Secondary School Mathematics for Class 10 – R. S. Aggarwal
  • All-in-one Mathematics by Arihant
  • Super Refresher Mathematics for Class 10 by MBD

FAQs on Best Class 10 Math books

Q1. How can I find the best book for class 10? 

You can find the best reference books by checking with seniors and class X teachers at your school. Also, check book reviews, recommendations, and online resources. Choose reputed authors and publishers, and choose the official NCERT body published books to understand the scope of the syllabus.

Q2. Can I use reference books for exam preparation? 

Yes, the best reference books for class 10 CBSE are acceptable sources for academic preparation and research. Analyze if it fits with your learning style especially if you want to use it for exam prep and overall background understanding. However, it is important to check your school’s citation, references, and guidelines for particulars.

Q3. Should reference books have exercises?

Reference books for class 10 should have exercise because it helps you evaluate your understanding of the topic and where you stand in your preparation. Constantly, check for feedback from your peer students and your teachers for best understanding. 

Hope this is useful, thank you.

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