Why Should Kids Enroll into Robotics?

Why Should Kids Enroll Into Robotics?

Without an iota of doubt, Robotics classes can definitely spark the creativity and the necessary dopamine reward to build things. It is one of the unique STEM areas that has an immediate gratification (at least while building the smaller robots) as you keep building, it has plenty to offer in terms of learning for children, and it gives immense gratification and feel good that he or she has built something that can be used with real applicative daily purpose that one can touch and feel and everyone around them can also see it. That provides tremendous motivation for kids to build things, and they learn the important attitude of building things with bare hands. They won’t fear it in future, and they don’t think it is a big deal. It instills a lifelong confidence in these individuals in not being afraid to do things from scratch with their bare hands. For example, projects such a simple robot cars, light sensors, door openers are fairly easy projects for kids to do using various microcontrollers such as Arduino or Micro Bit and these projects help them understand how other similar devices they see around work (such as washing machine, TV, etc.)

There are plenty of benefits in enrolling children into robotics programs, irrespective of the season. Among them, the main benefits are:

  • Basic Electronics, Circuits, & Sensors: Children will become comfortable with basic electronics and sensors and understand how things are built. They will be comfortable with building things from scratch and thereby become more confident. They aren’t overwhelmed or daunted with products that they see around for they know how they’re built.
  • Building things from Scratch: If there is one thing that you want your children to learn, that is to teach them how to build things from scratch with their own bare hands. This is one of the beautiful gifts that a teacher or a parent can give to the children. I cannot say how valuable this is to students when they grow up.
  • How software & hardware build into an integrated system: When children learn robotics, they realize that they also need to write the code or program and upload it to the brain called microcontroller. Using this they realize the importance of programming and how software and hardware integrate and achieve the desired function.
  • Robotics teaches critical learning skills: Robotics requires kids to learn things on their own. They may need to add a part to their robot that they were not taught about, and they have to search for it, buy the exact component, and learn how to use them. Kids do this with a great interest because they can see the big picture of what they’re building; they know that they need to add this component to make it complete and they take great efforts to get the exact component. This is an important experience for children and parents, and often many parents discover a different side of their children when they’re learning robotics.
  • Robotics can help children learn to work in teams: Often, building robots include different modules and each team member is working on different modules such as motion, interpreting the IR data, power module, etc. So, it requires coordination and team-work where different kids are working together on different modules.

Learning robotics is a must for all kids primarily because it teaches children the basics of electronics and, more importantly, it teaches how to build stuff with your hands. Children will proudly keep thinking and talking about the robot that they built in the class. If you’re thinking of joining your child into robotics, don’t look further and join in UnicMinds Robotics Classes for Kids.

Hope this is useful, thank you.

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