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CogAT Non-Verbal Paper-Folding Questions

CogAT is a test that district schools in the United States use to qualify their students for the gifted programs in school. The CogAT test has three main components in the test – verbal, non-verbal, and quantitative batteries.

cogat test format

In this article, we will provide specifically some sample paper folding questions in the Non-Verbal Section of the test. Paper folding questions test the child’s ability to imagine and the visual skills. At UnicMinds, our tutors recommend children to practice with paper-cutting and paper-folding to begin building their visual and imaginative skills on paper-folding, especially for the tougher problems.

Example Paper Folding Question 1:

paper folding question

The student attempting the question should be careful with the change of direction of the arrows and should have an understanding of the mirror images of symmetric and asymmetric objects. Children should be able to build the knowledge that the mirror-image will happen across the fold line or the line of unfolding.

Example Question 2:

paper folding cogat question

Example Question 3:

paper folding questions

The answers for the above questions are: 

Q1. option B – be careful in observing the triangle directions

Q2. option C – the triangles should be mirror-images of each other across the diagonal

Q3. option B – a rhombus shaped hole will form in the center

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