Maths for Kids

Graph Paper for Kids

The Graph Paper

Graph papers are an ever present thing when you’re learning mathematics as a young student. Also called as Grid Paper or Squared Paper, a Graph Paper is a writing paper printed with fine lines, vertical and horizontal, making up a grid of numerous squares. Graph papers are available as books or even as loose sheets

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Percentages Practice Worksheet

Percentages Worksheet

Percentages are a very commonly used math in the real world. These worksheets to practice calculating the percentage of whole numbers and decimals, finding the percentage increase or decrease, and more.Calculating the percentage value of a number involves a little bit of multiplication. One should be familiar with decimal multiplication and decimal place value before

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trigonometry practice worksheet

Trigonometry Practice Worksheet

The word trigonometry comes from “trigonon” meaning triangle and “metry” meaning measurement. It is an area of math that studies the relationships between sides of triangles.. Ancient Egyptians have known theorems around similar triangles for ages and it is said that construction of pyramids use a form of trigonometry. Trigonometry was historically used in astronomy

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Decimals Practice Problems Worksheet

Decimals Practice Worksheet

We use decimals in the real-world a lot. This decimal worksheet involves the mathematical operations addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, rounding, and more using decimal numbers. Students can practice various questions and understand themselves and strengthen their foundation in this area of mathematics. Question 1: Plot the decimal value 9.8 in the below number line. Question

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