Percentages Practice Worksheet

Percentages Worksheet

Percentages are a very commonly used math in the real world. These worksheets to practice calculating the percentage of whole numbers and decimals, finding the percentage increase or decrease, and more.Calculating the percentage value of a number involves a little bit of multiplication. One should be familiar with decimal multiplication and decimal place value before working with percentage values. The percentage value needs to be converted to a decimal by dividing by 100. For example, 25% is 25/100 = 0.25. Calculating what percentage one number is of another number is also a common type of percentage calculation. 

These practice questions below test the fundamentals of your understanding in percentages.

Question 1:

A notebook has a total of 440​ pages from which 65%​ are already used. Find the number of unused pages.

Question 2:

60 is 15% of what?

Question 3:

There are 1000 students in a school. If 700 of them can swim, what percent of them can swim and what percent cannot?

Question 4:

Jennifer bought a sweater originally priced at $35 for $20 after discount. What is the discount given on a sweater?

Question 5:

Convert the fractions into percentages: 4/5  and 5/4 

Question 6:

What is the percentage change from 22 to 33?

Question 7:

A store announced a 30% discount on sale. However, one day before this promotion the store increased the prices of all its products by 20%. What was the real discount that this store gave on the day of the sale?

Question 8:

What percentage of 3700 is 1839?

Question 9:

$54 is 18% of the original price of a tshirt. What is the original price?

Question 10:

An animal park has lions, giraffes and zebras. 20% of the animals are lions and half the animals are zebras. If there are 120 animals at the park, how many giraffes are there?

Hope these questions help the student in assessing the basics of percentage mathematics, thank you.

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