Building Minecraft Houses

Building Minecraft Houses

Building a house is one of the best things to do in Minecraft. From a simple house to an elaborate one, you can choose to build as you wish. It will take time and effort, but it will be an effort worthwhile once you see your finished house. In this post, we shall cover the steps to build a good and safe house in Minecraft.

Finding a place to build your Minecraft house

Firstly, you’ve to pick a good spot for your Minecraft house. If you’re playing with friends, it is important for the house to be in a safe spot where there is no risk of enemies. Once you choose a space, it is time to build! 

Building Minecraft House

Building a house in Minecraft

The basics of a house construction relies on foundation, pillars, and roof. The materials required are cobblestone, wood, sand, dirt, gravel, stones, and more. But, each of these materials come with their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, avoid wood if the proximity for fire is a possibility. Similarly, roofs shouldn’t have any gravel and sand based materials, and more.

Minecraft Blocks - Building House

Source: WikiHow

Now, let’s look at the steps to build!

  • Let’s start with the foundation structure.
Minecraft House- Foundation
  • Then, we shall start with the walls by placing blocks on top of each other and adjacent to each other. For example, the below wall is 5 blocks in width and 4 blocks in height.
Walls of Minecraft House
  • You can choose to make a circular wall architecture or a rectangular or a hexagonal wall architecture as shown using the rectangular blocks of walls.
Foundation and Wall Construction - Minecraft house
  • Once you have the walls ready, you can plan for the roof. The material for the roof should be different for stability, engineering, security and aesthetic reasons. Place the blocks on top of each other to get the roof done. Roof can totally change how your house will look and therefore roof construction is a very important aspect of building your minecraft house.
  • Begin with the block from the edge of the wall, alternate stairs and blocks reaching almost to the top.  There is a space between the two parts of our roof that can’t be closed with the stairs. Don’t place any block in between, but put it one block above. Add stairs to the edge of the roof like a corner. You can also designs of alternating blocks to add the aesthetics to the roof.
Roof Construction - Minecraft House
  • Now, it is time to build the door! Get some planks and arrange them in a 2×2 or a 2×3 matrix form on a crafting table.
Door Construction - Piston Model - Minecraft House
  • Place a few torches around for clarity of enemies that can attack around nightfall.
  • And, that’s it you have a safe place for yourself and your friends to spawn in!

Best Minecraft Starter House Ideas

When you start in Minecraft, you get overwhelmed by the number of things to do in the minecraft world. 

Japanese Starter House

Starter house - Minecraft

You can find the tutorial by Ayvocado. This Japanese style house smoothly blends the utility and aesthetics of the Japanese architecture. It has a peaked roof resembling Japanese temples. This is a challenging build for beginners and it will take plenty of time.

Blacksmith Starter House

Minecraft starter house

You can find the tutorial by KoalaBuilds. Built using planks, cobblestone, and quartz, the design has a slanted roof with a large chimney. It is a basic house, but modeled for all needs of living, working, and resting.

Cabin Starter House 

Minecraft Starter house

You can find the tutorial by Goldrobin. A beautiful A-frame based house built using wood next to a river or a forest, this is an ideal house to build. The roof can be a bit challenging but is not too difficult for a starter house.

Hope this provides a good idea about building a house in Minecraft, thank you for reading!

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