Amazing Games using Unity

Amazing Games in Unity Gaming Engine

Unity is designed primarily to develop 3D games, and after more than a decade since its launch, it is arguably one of the most popular gaming engines in the world. Many movies too have used Unity engine in their production. Without a doubt, if you name the most popular gaming engines in the world, Unity will always feature in the top 3 list of many. The Unity gaming engine was initially launched in 2005 exclusively to develop games for Mac OS. Gradually, many platforms such as Windows, XBox, Nintendo, PlayStation, and others are added to drive more growth.


The premise of the game, as you most likely already know, is to fly the birds into structures so as to topple the structures built by pigs. Different birds have different super powers – one can drop an egg which is an explosive egg and another bird can explode on collision and cause structural damage. In order to start building the game, you have to start working with assets and add assets in the Unity game interface


This is a beautiful underwater game that brings out the explorer in you. This game lets you explore the underwater monsters in the entirety of the food chain and takes you into an imaginary world. Subnautica VR is a complementary must try for this game.


This game is a computational behemoth. Large geographical areas are filled with huge multiple buildings and millions of people representing the modern societies in our world. Essentially, it provides insights into the engineering behind large scale constructions and city planning and building.


Rust is like an updated version of Minecraft. The user is dropped into a large open environment to survive with just a rock and a torch. It is up to the user now to think and build weapons and survive in the open. This is a difficult game and therefore some people don’t like it at all. But, some people might be attracted to the possibility of doing everything from scratch – it attracts a certain type of gamer.


The user’s goal is to save the forest from an invading force. You control a forest spirit in order to protect the forest. The challenges in this game come through the shape of navigating obstacles and solving various puzzles from one level to another.


Based on the Starship Troopers movie, this game has stellar visuals. It has a top down isometric view and the graphics are stunning. It is essentially a strategy game countering enemy units, preparing for attack and defense. The game has got tremendous positive reviews at large and it uses several components of Unity game development engine to bring the best gaming interface for users. But, people did complain that they get bored once they reach the mid-level of this game, primarily because of the limited creativity required by the user to cross challenges.

If you’re looking to learn game development using Unity, and you want to practice coding various games in Unity, then you can code the games below as a pre-preparation. Writing code for these games will help you to learn the basics of game development, screen geometry, and physical dynamics to be coded.

  • Flappy Bird
  • Asteroids
  • Connect 4
  • Endless Runner
  • Breakout
  • Tetris
  • Battleship
  • Fighting Ninjas
  • Micro Machines
  • Ballooning Game

Hope this is useful, thank you.