Minecraft Roof Types

Types of Minecraft Roofs

There are various types of roofs that can be used for house construction, both in real life and in the minecraft world. Some of the most common roof types are gable, hip, flying gable, M-shape, Shed, and more (as shown below).

Gable Roof

Firstly, understand how we build a gable roof in real life. This will help us replicate the same in the Minecraft world using the same principles. 

Most people do get confused initially between a hip roof and a gable roof. The primary difference is as shown below. Also, don’t be confused between a gable roof and an A-frame. In an A-frame, the roof cover comes down all the way to the structure. 

A real A-frame house looks like the below.

Gambrel Roof

The gambrel roof looks similar to the A-frame but it is not the same. The gambrel roof looks a bit curved and for this reason it is also called the Curved A – roof. Used on a lot of medieval structures, it was quite popular in the olden days.

Flat Roof

Probably a basic style of roof, a flat roof just flat with protective walls around and is probably quite common in many places around the world. This roof is also called a parapet roof. The issue with these roofs is they can become harboring places for mobs to spawn at night.

A-frame Roof

Mostly used in Viking style structures, an A-frame roof structure comes all the way down as seen earlier. You can easily build this roof from ground up without much difficulty. 

Mansard Roof

A federal style architecture which was extremely popular in the 19th century, Mansard roof style buildings usually have two or three levels. The usable volume under the roof is very large not only because of the levels but because of the extensions of the roofs on all sides.

This is a complex one to construct in Minecraft and it needs about 16x20m or 20x24m space and the building will be a complex time-taking construction.

Monitor Roof

Monitors are those wing-like structures to the main roof. These roofs are not frequently seen in real life constructions, but are fairly popular in the minecraft world. This style of construction is mainly used for factories, barns, warehouses, and workhouses.

Saltbox Roof

This is a type of a gable roof with one slope being longer than the other. The saltbox roof is a very unique and striking design that catches your attention from afar because of its asymmetry. The design was named after the containers used to store salt during colonial times. The shorter side of the roof is steeper and the longer side slope is shallow.

Hipped Roof

Placed on a square building with slopes on all sides, it does give a first impression of a pyramid and perhaps it must’ve been the inspiration for the original design too. 

Skillion Roof or Shed Roof

Slopes on one side leading to an open structure such as porch or a front lawn or some unique construction. This is also called a shed roof.

Bell-cast Roof

Also called as Bonnet Roof, the Bell-cast roof is shallower in slope at the lower levels and grows tall quickly at higher levels, giving you a resemblance of the shape of a bell.

M-shaped Roof

A basic structure joining two A-frame roofs, M-shaped roofs can be built without much difficulty and are commonly used in large single level houses. The most important thing is that the construction area required under the roof should be large enough to accommodate for two A-frames.


Begin laying your blocks and making joint connections between those blocks, and you can see your dream roof come into reality. There are different connections, section joints, and nuts used to bring the blocks together in different angles to bring about the foundation, pillars, and roofs in minecraft. 

You can make simple roofs to complicated roofs depending on what you want to do. If your roof is complicated, you may want to start with the roof and foundation and then layout the architecture for the pillars accordingly in alignment.

Minecraft does allow for all the creativity that you can imbibe into your building.

Hope this is useful to provide an understanding of various roof types in Minecraft.

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