Algebra Practice Problems - Worksheet

Algebra Practice Problems

Wikipedia defines Algebra as the branch of mathematics that studies algebraic systems and the manipulation of equations within those systems. It is a generalization of arithmetic that includes variables besides regular numbers and algebraic operations other than the standard arithmetic operations like addition and multiplication.

Here you’ll find 10 algebra questions to test your basic algebra skills to solve an unknown value or write expressions or make generalizations.

Question 1:

Simplify the following expression.

4x + 9 – 3x -15

Question 2:

You add two adjacent blocks to find the value of the block above. Find the value of all the blocks.

algebra question

Question 3:

The sides of a rectangle are x and x-3/x. What is the area of the rectangle?

Question 4:

Arun’s dad is four times older than Arun. In 14 years time, Arun’s dad will be twice the age of Arun. What is the sum of both their ages now?

Question 5:

What is the coefficient of x2 in x + y – 2x^2

Question 6:

Write an algebraic expression for the below sentence.

One fourth of a number x when added with one third of the same number sums to 12.

Question 7:

Write a quadratic expression of your choice.

Question 8:

Simplify the expression (a – b) * (a + b) * (a – b)

Question 9:

Alex played 4 games more than Bob did, and together they played 12 games. How many games did Bob play?

Question 10:

Jimmy has put $1000 in a bank at an annual compound interest rate of 9%. How much will it be worth in 3 years?

Hope these questions will help you provide a basic test of simple algebra. 

Hope this is useful, thank you.

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