Best Home Tutors

Best Home Tutors for Kids

Most of us spend close to 20 years in education, developing ourselves in terms of skills and character. Primary education skills are very crucial for a child’s academic development and success, learning new concepts and applying them in the real world.

Who is a Home Tutor?

A home tutor is a teaching assistant or an academic guide who will help the student develop the knowledge foundation in a particular subject. A tutor introduces a topic in an organic and sequential manner and understands the learning gaps of the students specifically. He or she will provide tutoring sessions online or at a physical location.

The kid will study in a personalized 1:1 setting that helps the individual child to express in a non-judgmental environment. Hence, tutoring is a conducive learning environment for children to develop themselves. The tutor will clarify doubts, conduct practice tests, answer plenty of doubts, and build a strong foundation in the subject for the student.

How to Find the Best Tutor

But, who is a best tutor! A best tutor is the one who meets the student where he or she is right now and take her from there to the desired goal. When you look back at your life, you will always remember your tutors, because you know it inside you that one of the main reasons of your success in life is also your tutors. Good tutors are always remembered by students. But, selecting good tutors is easier than done. It requires patience to select the best tutors.

Tutors should be interviewed adequately. At UnicMinds, we select tutors with a 90:1 selection ratio. This is primarily to ensure all the boxes in terms of academic qualification, technical skills, communication skills, teaching abilities, and personality skills are ticked.

Academic Qualification is a qualifying criteria, it is not a selection criteria. While academic qualification is important to be shortlisted, it is not the only important criteria for selection. One of the first important criteria is to check how they are with kids. Are they truly interested in teaching kids or is it just another work? Tutors have to be able to create interest for kids in the subject that they’re teaching with flexibility around the curriculum because each kid learns differently.

Teaching experience is also an important part of finding the best tutor. Although, it is not necessarily true that great teachers always have a lot of experience, it is usually true. But, keep your eyes and ears open for a young teacher who could be brilliant despite not having any teaching experience.

Understand the batch size of tutoring – will it be 1:1 or will it be a group class, and what will be the number of students in case of a group? Avoid large batches as it will just be a replication of school and the personalization and individual attention goes for a toss and it purely becomes a transactional learning environment.

Word of mouth works well to find tutors. If you’re looking for a tutor, asking your neighbors, friends, and relatives can work very well to find out what they did in similar situations. You can ask parents or students at school. Online search can help in reaching the best tutors in the subject across the world at economical cost:value ratio.

On the overall, teaching is analogous to painting; it initially doesn’t look that great, but then it starts to come into shape. Similarly, there won’t be major changes initially, but as the student gets an understanding of basics, the student will start to take form into a good shape and good understanding of the subject.

Hope this is useful, thank you.

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