Young Coders Program

Young Coders program provides kids with basic logic-building, creative outlet, and foundation mathematics. It might come as a surprise that children are coding as early as 5 years of age. The major goal when we teach very young kids is to impart them with the logical abilities, foundational thinking to build stuff, coding principles using simple graphical platforms to enable spatial thinking, and then the basic principles of programming constructs such as variables and conditionals.

Throughout the course, we will use sprites, 2D animations, some videos, interactive and creative building exercises, puzzles, etc. to engage in attention-focused learning for these small children. We start with what they know already and connect to the new learnings.

Tools/Platforms used: Scratch, NASA Simulator

  1. Basics of a Language & Instructions
  2. Basic Architecture of a Computer – processor, memory, and input/output
  3. Structure & Sequence 
  4. Sprites, Blobs, & Backgrounds
  5. Events
  6. Variables
  7. Conditionals
  8. Loops
  9. Functions
  10. Debugging
  11. Visualising and designing games
  12. Animating characters in games
  13. Working with Sprites & Blobs
  14. Working with sound and voice in games
  15. Understanding events and application of events in developing two-player games
  16. Variables and applying the concept of variables in developing puzzle games
  17. Controlling characters using mouse and keyboard
  18. Application of velocity and speed in creating games
  19. Application of conditionals in making games
  20. Space Defender, Flappy Bird, Bubble Frenzy, Helicopter Games
  21. Satellite Program in Space (NASA Simulator)

At the end of the program, the student will be able to write basic programs in Scratch. The student will have a basic understanding of programming constructs – variables, conditionals, loops, and functions. The student will be able develop a cognitive framework of computers, programming, and technology. Obviously, the student will have to learn more to develop this framework further and build more concrete and advanced levels of understanding.

Please book a free trial class to understand about the details of the curriculum, methodology, platforms and more.

Hope this is useful, thank you.

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