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Should you choose 1:1 online tutoring for your kids?

Tutoring has always been a prevalent support system for children in countries like India. In the last few years, online tutoring has gained a lot of popularity and effectiveness across the world. Tutoring specifically caters to an individual child’s needs and perspectives and has been proven very effective. Bloom’s two sigma shows that, on average, students who receive one on one tutoring performed significantly better than students educated in a classroom environment alone.

But as a teacher, I am not an advocate of putting people into continuous back to back academic classes. Balancing between outdoor sports, hobbies, family activities, academic school learning, and tutoring is a must. This balance helps children in an overall development – emotionally, in raw smartness, and in gaining and assimilating new knowledge.

Key benefits of one on one online tutoring:

  1. Addresses individual needs and perspectives – At UnicMinds, no two students are taught the same way even if we’re teaching the same subject. It is because each student is different in his or her own way. Even if you’re teaching how to make a game, some students are more interested in the designing of the front-end of the game – they’re very specific about it, how many pixels something has to be, etc. On the other hand, another kid is more interested in making a certain type of game – say a football game because he loves football and he loves Zlatan to be the character. So, a little individual freedom is to be provided for each child to be themselves and learn, while having that freedom to express themselves and make mistakes. Often most children don’t have this freedom in a classroom environment and this can only be done in a one-on-one tutoring environment. Good teachers can always strike a balance in making the child do what is to be done to learn effectively, and at the same time to make the child comfortable and free enough to express themselves.
  1. Not everyone learns new things the same way. Because when you’re learning something new, you’re vulnerable to making mistakes and embarrassing yourself. It also brings into light some of the other knowledge you didn’t have or had before. Online tutoring provides a private safe space for children to learn on their own pace and terms and gain confidence among their peers. Children can explore their ways of learning and can ask questions freely and unendingly until they learn their way. For a student, asking questions is probably the greatest tool to learn things. As you learn to ask questions, you learn the ways of how to learn.
  1. Online tutoring provides a high value to spend ratio. Online tutoring just reduces the amount of time people waste in travelling, dropping and picking their children and the logistics costs associated in doing the same. Online tutoring helps students interact with people across cultures, and with the best value to spend ratio teachers across the globe. 
  1. One on one teachers provide great flexibility in timings and deliverance. Tutors are ready to change timings based on the new needs of students, and at the same time, they adjust to support them more in exam preparation and academic success. Often, tutors extend their help to students in subjects that they’re not teaching too to help the child gain effective holistic learning from across subjects. With one on one tutoring, parents need not worry about their exams and academic success in the specific subjects.
  1. Specific exams such as SAT, ACT, NNAT, CogAT, Coding Tests, Olympiad Test Prep, FIDE Certification, and others are some of the few examples where tutoring really helps children to achieve their goals. Some of these exams are new to parents too, and online tutoring can connect the best teachers with the right expertise in the specific domain to help your child with curated learning plans.

Online 1:1 Tutoring can be used to augment existing skills or create a pathway for learning something totally new and different for your children. At UnicMinds, we provide a range of courses with a clear development plan for each child based on each individual’s starting point.

Coding Courses offered at UnicMinds are – Scratch, Space Programming, JavaScript, Python, Java, Minecraft, Roblox, Unity, C++, C#, 3D Game Development, App Development, Arduino, Basic Robotics, Computer Networks, Awareness of Ethical Hacking using Kali, and Computer Mathematics. 

Other Courses offered at UnicMinds are – Mathematics, CogAT Prep, SAT Prep, and Financial Literacy.

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