Kangaroo Math Test USA Prep

USA Math Kangaroo – It is the Third Thursday of March!

It is D-day! It is the time when you take your booklet and show your mathematical prowess in the United States. Today is the third Thursday of March, and we know it is the day for the USA Math Kangaroo test

Math Kangaroo is a test for students from all grades 1 to 12. Everyone who participates gets a t-shirt, diploma, and a special memento. The test takes place in more than 90 countries and the test is popular to encourage students to learn mathematics by presenting them with problems that are interesting and non-formula based.

Each participating student receives a booklet and students compete individually to solve the questions in the booklet to their best knowledge. 

  • This is a 75 minutes multiple choice test.
  • 24 Questions for those in Grade 1, 2, 3,and 4
  • 30 Questions for those in Grade 5 and above
  • There are 3 point questions, 4 point questions, and 5 point questions
  • Every participant will receive a booklet, answer form, scratch paper, and pencil
  • Example of a Math Kangaroo Answer Card

The Math Kangaroo competition is held internationally, but each country’s students are scored and awarded separately. Learn more about the Kangaroo Math Exam in detail and practice sample Kangaroo math questions.

Sample Question – Kangaroo Math – Grade 3

Fred wants to cut two identical shapes from the 4×3 grid.

Kangaroo Math Grade 3 Practice Question

For which of the below shapes can he not cut two of them from the above grid.

From the name “Kangaroo”, you could probably guess that it first started in Australia. A team of mathematicians from Australia had this idea to start a competition that celebrates the joy of solving mathematical problems in a fun and creative way. So, a multiple choice test was created for the first time in 1978. Multiple choice questions (MCQs) of all types are formed in this mathematical test for children of all ages from grade 1 to grade 12. The skills that are required and are tested in children are logical thinking, computational thinking, mathematics knowledge, creative thinking, and perseverance.

Hope this is a useful primer on the Kangaroo Math Test, thank you.
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