Python course for kids

Introducing Python to Kids

Python programming language is used to make games, web-applications, solve business problems, and used heavily for all sorts of applications (especially in machine-learning and artificial intelligence) in the scientific and academic fields. It is a very efficient programming language and its syntax helps you write clean code that is easy to understand and debug. Moreover, Python has one of the strongest community of programmers across the world.

Teaching the basics of coding using Python

When we’re starting Python with kids, the focus is always to teach the basics first, which are the same for any programming language. The first objective is to build fundamentals of programming and then the objective is to gain familiarity and expertise in writing Python programs.

Kids will start to learn the basics such as accepting input, writing functions and making code reusable, operating different types of data and storing them, and getting the basics of data structures. Then students will graduate to slightly complex programming of working with classes and error-handling. To move way from the boring way of learning programming, UnicMinds teaches with tailor-made adaptive curriculum for kids. Kids will program interesting games such as Python Hunt, Pygame, Alien Invasion, Creative Quizzes and Adventure Quest. Through these interesting games and characters like turtles, bugs and snakes, kids want to emulate the games they like to play and simultaneously build programming basics. After the completion, kids will be comfortable to write code in Python to create commonplace problem-solving programs in 2D and 3D, expressing their creativity. Python is a highly used language in the field of scientific research, machine-learning applications and artificial intelligence. So, students are made aware about the applications of Python in these fields with basic data/training based programs to put the seed for the vision in the child.

print(“Welcome to the Python World!”)

Python Course for Kids
python classes for kids

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