why should kids learn coding

Why should kids learn to code?

Coding is fundamentally nothing but creativity and problem-solving. These are traits that should be inculcated at a very young age in every kid. Yes, we do teach other subjects to achieve the same goal. But, no other subject actually has the power to inculcate creativity and problem-solving with immediate output that the kids can see better than coding. Coding brings together Logic, Problem-solving, Mathematics, Art, Creativity, and Language to one application that the kid uses to build something of their own creation. Best of all, coding also teaches kids to brainstorm on problems and that it is okay if you don’t get things right the first time, and that all success is iterative in life.

From this vantage point, coding is an absolutely important subject, just as essential as Mathematics, arts, science, and sports. In fact, in China and the US, it is mandatory for every kid to learn coding in pre-school along with Language and Mathematics. Developmentally, coding is a process of giving a set of instructions so that the computer understands and processes the same. Kids learn the same thing at a young age by developing games and story-based teaching that is easier for kids to grasp than the text-based terminals that adults use for large-scale application development. Nevertheless, the fundamentals are the same, and kids learning coding at a young age can open a plethora of opportunities for both kids and also for society.

Many of the kids in Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Gurgaon, and Chandigarh are regularly attending coding classes. Most of these kids are already quite digitally literate and enjoy coding while learning and applying new knowledge. Kids need not be proficient in reading or writing because stuff such as sliding, dragging, images, and stories are used to explain the concepts and the computer instructions. It enhances one’s ability to think, act, analyze a situation or problem, use logic in a situation, and develop common sense and intuition.

Here is a list of skills that kids learn while learning to code:

  1. Use Mathematics and logic in real-life problems
  2. To learn to create things and to solve difficult problems
  3. To persist, iterate and improve
  4. Algorithmic thinking
  5. Critical thinking
  6. Attention to detail and debugging the problem to find a solution
  7. Creativity and Expression

Teaching coding to kids is a progressive shift in society to build future humanity, which is more informed and comfortable around how things work. We live in an age where technology plays a role in everything that we do, and the future is going to be more of it. Therefore, all countries are teaching coding to kids across the globe, and it is deemed an absolutely essential course for kids now everywhere.

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