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Scratch Programming


This is a great course to introduce coding to small children who’ve never done coding before. This course will provide the necessary coding basics to enjoy the essence of creating things using code without worrying too much about the syntax. Kids will make multiple games and will gain the logical thinking behind creation and programming by dragging and dropping blocks on a user-interface. Children will learn and have fun at the same time doing this course.

What will the child learn:

  • Visualising and designing games
  • Animating characters in games
  • Introduction to sprites
  • Working with sound and voice in games
  • Understanding events and application of events in developing games
  • Understanding variables and applying the concept of variables in developing games
  • Controlling characters using mouse and keyboard
  • Application of velocity and speed in creating games
  • Application of conditionals in making games
  • Space Defender,Flappy Bird, Bubble Frenzy, Helicopter Games
  • Racing Car game, Snake Game, Scary Shark games
  • Complex games: Puzzle games, Geometric patterns & Reflection drawing games
  • Publishing own games in the public domain
online scratch lessons for kids
Scratch programming classes online
Duration: 30-33 Classes
Course Fees:
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Game Development

(block based javascript)

Children will be introduced to the block-based coding through which they will learn the fundamental program constructs and will practice in JavaScript Programming language.

They will create programmatic images, animations, interactive arts and games. They will start with simple and primitive shapes and build up to more sophisticated sprite-based games, students will become familiar with the programming concepts and the design process that computer scientists use daily. They then learn how these simpler constructs can be combined to create more complex games. At the end of the course, students will develop a personalized, interactive game of their own that includes basic programming concepts such as control structures, variables, user input and randomness.

Course Structure

  • Working with drawing and shapes in Game Lab
  • Introduction to Game Designing
  • Introduction to Variables and Random Number
  • Sprites and Sprites Properties
  • Working with text in games
  • Introduction to Draw Loop in games
  • Animation in Games
  • Sprite Movement using keyboard and mouse input
  • Introduction to Conditionals and Using them in games
  • Introduction to Functions
  • Velocity and Complex sprite geometrical movement
  • Type of Collisions and Collision Detection
  • Design and create your own gaming project
Coding Games
coding for kids
Languages Covered:
JavaScript for Kids
Duration: 30-33 Classes
Course Fees:
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App Development


Children will learn to make simple apps using JavaScript Programming language in block-based coding. They will start with creating single screen app design and coding and will move their way up to multiscreen apps. The course will cover the fundamentals of JavaScript which will lay the foundation for the children for programming. At the end of the course, children will make their own apps and publish in Google Play store.

Course Structure

  • Introduction to the concept of App
  • Introduction to App Designing
  • Make single screen Apps
  • Introduction to Multiscreen Apps
  • Variables and different types of variables
  • Strings, Arrays and Applications
  • Timed loops
  • Make apps applying the concept of variable and Timed loop
  • Introduction to randomness in coding
  • Simple and Complex conditionals
  • Make apps based on randomness and complex conditional
  • For and While loops
  • More applications of loops
  • Functions & using data in functions
  • Build various applications
  • Make your own app and publish on Google Play Store
App Development for Kids
coding for kids
thunkable coding for kids
Languages Covered:
JavaScript for Kids
Duration: 30-33 Classes
Course Fees:
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Minecraft Game Development

(Java and Python)

Children will learn to code in Java and Python programming language through Minecraft games. They will start with learning the fundamentals of these languages by adding their changes to the existing Minecraft games, slowly progressing to building their own characters and structures in Minecraft games. At the end of the course, children will make their own games in Minecraft.

Course Structure

  • Introduction to sequence
  • Introduction to event
  • Coding the agent based on sequence and event in Minecraft game
  • Conditionals
  • Coding the agent based on conditionals
  • Simple and Complex loops
  • Using loops logic in Minecraft games
  • Introduction to Minecraft Modding
  • Creating Minecraft add-ons through code
  • Solving Fun challenges through code in Minecraft
  • Create classic games in Minecraft
  • Create own Multiplayer game in Minecraft
Game Development for Kids
minecraft coding classes
Languages Covered:
Python Coding Classes
java for kids
Duration: 30-33 Classes
Course Fees:
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Website Development

(HTML CSS/JavaScript)

Children will be introduced to text based coding during this course. They will understand the concepts learnt in block based coding in actual JavaScript environment. Children will learn to create their own websites and with intermediate-level web development features.

Course Structure

  • Introduction to HTML Programming language
  • Introduction to CSS Programming language
  • Making simple websites
  • Creating simple and dropdown Menu in websites
  • Creating personal online website applying the concepts learnt so far
  • Linking Google Maps and social media platforms in websites
  • Adding advanced styling techniques in websites
  • Professional multipage website development
  • Integrating videos and carousel in websites
  • Integrating Bootstrap styling techniques in websites
  • Adding Responsiveness in website
  • Integrating chat service in website
  • Creating professional blogging website
  • Publish website in the web through GitHub pages
  • Create and publish your own website
online coding classes in US
coding for kids
Languages Covered:
HTML for Kids
CSS for Kids
JavaScript for Kids
Duration: 50-55 Classes
Course Fees:
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