Summer Course for Kids

4 Week 2023 Summer Course in Ethical Hacking Awareness for Juniors

Ethical Hacking for Juniors

Tweens and Teenagers often wonder how computers in a network are all related and how the data travels from my mail to my friend’s mailbox over the internet. If you’re one of them, then you might’ve heard about TCP/IP and wondered what are all these names and where can I learn them in a systematic way. Join our 4 week summer course in Ethical Hacking Awareness for Juniors to learn all the necessary basics of computer networks and ethical hacking in a simple and practical way for all tweens and teenagers.

Students studying in STEM fields should take this course to build the basic understanding of computer-science, computer networks, encryption, and ethical hacking. This summer, UnicMinds is bringing you an exciting range of short duration courses to learn computer-science in a practical and deeper way than just like a bunch of rules to be remembered. These diverse summer programs will help children gain new knowledge and skills about computers, keeping his or her mind sharp. A great way to step into the world of holistic computer-science education.

In this 4 week short duration summer course in Computer Networks & Ethical Hacking, tweens can learn the basics of computer networks such as LAN, WAN and the Internet architecture, DNS servers, and how data travels on the TCP/IP road. You can also practically see how is the data travelling in the form of small packets and how it is re-assembled back in the target (destination) IP address computer. You’ll learn the basics of encryption and ciphers and appreciate the beauty of encryption and ethical hacking.

4 week summer course in Computer Networks & Ethical Hacking includes:

  • Basics of Computer Networks & Internet Architecture
  • Network Protocols 
  • Encryption vs. Hashing
  • Public Key Encryption
  • Mathematics behind Ciphers
  • Ethical Hacking Orientation
  • Common Commands to analyze networks and traffic
  • Common Viruses
  • Safe Internet Practices

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A full duration 30 classes course on Ethical Hacking includes exhaustively a lot more other aspects of Ethical Hacking Awareness such as Penetration Testing, Practicing with Kali Linux, Understanding WiFi Networks, Basic Hacking Techniques, NMap scanning, Understanding how Keyloggers work, Program Injections, Backdoors, Identifying Suspicious Activities, Being Aware of Hackers and Hacking, Common Passwords & Wordlists, Basics of Malware, Spyware, and DoS, and Good Safe Internet Practices for Kids.

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